Generally all schools offer some constructive hobby classes to the students either during or after school hours which helps them to destress and focus. Here are some off-beat hobby courses offered by the schools world over which may turn their passion into a profession.

How to win a beauty pageant? — Oberlin College, Ohio

If you are talented and confident and like the glamorous world of ramp walking in designer clothes along with looking for global recognition, then this course at Oberlin College, Ohio is just for you. Buzz Feed, a popular pop culture website, has recognized this course for the second time. With only 15 seats in the offering, this course is no cakewalk!! You will be groomed, made to understand the past, present and future of such pageants, made to study cultural history and critical discourse analysis of the United states over time with a chance to visit a pageant in Ohio.

Wasting time on the internet? — University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

I am sure this unique course from the University of Pennsylvania called ‘Wasting time on the internet’ will have many takers. The only eligibility criteria is that you have to be an internet buff. Armed with a laptop and a wi-fi connection you are steered from aimless surfing to something meaningful like works of literature. Also in this three hour class you can interact only through chat rooms, bots and social media.

Elvish as a second language — University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

A fictitious language ‘Elvish’ developed by J.R.R. Tolkien for his book ‘Lord of the Ring’ is being actually taught in this university.

Tree climbing — Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Climbing a tree and jumping from one to another like Tarzan!! The difference is that Cornell University, Ithaca, New York will teach you all this by using ropes and climbing gears to reach the top of any tree and jump from one to another in its ‘Tree Climbing’ course. No experience is required to enroll for this one.

The art of walking — University of San Francisco, USA

“What is life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare”

The art of walking course will transform your simple strolling into a exploring skill. No prior experience is required to undertake this course.

Ice cream short course — Penn State, USA

This short-term course provides you a full picture of ice cream manufacturing. Every year almost 120 students from all over the world attend this seven-day course to learn some secrets of ice cream making.

Intro to wines — Cornell University, Ithaca, USA

In this two hour class you will get to taste 6 oz of wine in 1 oz portion only to discover its various elements like flavor, appearance, structure, texture and impact.

Furniture Making — MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Visiting the decorative arts collection at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, reviewing the history of furniture in America, learn traditional woodworking techniques using different tools is part of the curriculum of this course.

Surviving the zombie apocalypse — Michigan State University

This online course lets teaches you to explore and identify human psychology and behavior during trying times.