Kids these days are spending their every available time on internet, whether through laptops or smartphones. Internet although a vast store of knowledge also has its dark side. Hackers, bullies are always on a lookout for such vulnerable targets. So it becomes important that teacher and parents monitor the kids and safeguard them from the perils of the internet.

Tips for Kids

Never give out your personal information like last name, address, telephone number, school name etc online to anyone or at any site. Also never share your password even with your most trusted friend. Do not upload any personal photograph or videos without parental permission. Golden rule- if you haven’t met someone personally, do not chat or add them to your social media accounts. Be careful while downloading any attachment sent by unknown people. These may contain viruses or bugs. Neither should you bully anyone not should you respond to any such messages or emails rather report to teachers or parents about it. Use privacy setting on social media to safeguard your personal information and media shares. Visit only those websites that are safe and secure. Always keep your parents in loop.

Tips for Parents and Teachers

Communication is the key here. Educate them about safe online practices, its rules and boundaries. Make them comfortable enough that they can approach you with any question or concern. Be a role model and follow appropriate internet practices yourself too.