Even after decades of passing out from school, thinking about maths still gives me jitters!! It is the most dreaded subject for many yet of utmost importance. So it is imperative that its learning process is made fun and interactive. Following are few tools that can be of help to teachers to make maths lessons interesting –

Google Docs Equation Editor

This can create a maths document and be uploaded on Google classroom where students, either individually or collectively, solve it.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

This is a free online calculator accessible through its website or from its app for chrome, iTunes or Google Play. This resource can be used by both Maths and Science teachers with the students. It’s website also has free teacher resources.


Access GeoGebra through a website via Google sign-in or download the app from Chrome Web Store, this one is a compilation of math apps for geometry, graphic equations, 3D graphing and augmented reality.

Interactive Google Slides

With the purpose of making maths interesting, the teachers can make interactive slides which will make the students more involved and engaged in the subject. The only thing is that this requires a bit of planning but would be worth all efforts in the end. Tutorials for getting started with these interactive slides are available on web and on YouTube.

Math Games

Students from Pre-K to grade VIII can learn maths through play by subscribing to Google Classroom integration.

Source: https://www.thetechedvocate.org/interactive-math-for-the-google-classroom/