With class X and XII board exams just round the corner it is important to formulate an effective time management model. Do keep in the following 7Ps while making your time schedule :


Most important-make a daily or a weekly plan and then track your progress against it.


Out of all the subjects that the board in going to test you, it is obvious that some will be your strong subjects and some weak so prioritized each subject depending on that.


Stick to a regular morning afternoon and evening schedule. Punctuality will take you places later in life too.


Keeping in mind your own learning style, plan in a way to cover maximum content in minimum time as the syllabus will be vast and time limited. You should also ensure adequate time is available to you to revise your weak areas over and over again.


Practice written answers to previous years exams questions.


Pick out a quiet designated place devoid of any distractions like mobile phone or computing device or social networking sites. Stay focused during this time.


Promise yourself to eat healthy, sleep well and stay physically active. Remaining mentally and physically fit is very essential so as all your preparation does not go waste.

Source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/education/board-exams-2019-7p-s-for-time-management-to-formulate-study-plan/story-8Gk0AdOaD0yxtl5nY6SZLI.html