“The more people rationalize cheating, the more it becomes a culture of dishonesty”. This quote by Stephen Covey is very apt especially in today’s digital age which makes it very simple. Solutions and answers can be ‘googled’ in a matter of minutes and what’s more teachers and parents too are aware of the modus operandi used to improve grades. A few precautions may help prevent high-tech cheating –

Install a firewall to block communication:

Firewall can block messages and emails containing the questions and answers from an ongoing exam from going out of the examination hall. Special software’s can curb internet access while the students are taking the exam.

Ban cellphones during exam time:

All cellphones should be banned from the examination hall to prevent a quick and discreet look up of the answers from the internet. However, teachers will still be required to be vigilant.

Check papers for plagiarism:

Plagiarism at one glance will go unnoticed. The teachers have to be careful to detect any phrase or sentence that is clearly not like the student’s usual way of writing. Some online services with vast database on web pages can scan copies of an essay to know whether it is an original writing or a simple copy and paste.

Source: https://www.thetechedvocate.org/how-to-prevent-high-tech-cheating/