China is the world’s most populous country and needless to say is also the largest education market with over 400 million students. Despite being a world leader in technology it is only in recent years that it was integrated into education and is experiencing an edtech boom.

Increased Spending on Education

The Chinese government has been steadily increasing its budget allocation to the education sector. The growth of the edtech industry has not only made education more accessible but also made its countrymen more tech-savvy. Improvement in internet connectivity has, for one, bridged the gap between the rural and urban areas significantly, secondly rural schools stand to gain a lot from edtech advancement and lastly has hastened the growth of digital education in China.

Why is China’s EdTech Industry Distinctive?

During the recent years there has been a paradigm shift with more digital learning resources like e-campuses and e-libraries, online education platform etc being made available to the younger students. The Chinese government is enthusiastically working towards giving a universal e-learning environment by 2020 resulting in a spur in the edtech market. Thereby giving rise to opportunities for investment in e-book publication, digital note-taking and development of educational software and other cloud-based services.

Future Prospects

The future prospects of the edtech industry in China is quite bright. Its significant growth in digital learning has elevated China into a model country. Digital learning has caught on with society at large and not only with students and learners.