There is more to edtech than compiling data to evaluate student progress. According to experts in a webinar hosted by it is imperative that the educators use that data to develop a more effective personalized learning plan for each child and one of the most important piece of edtech equation is understanding which technologies are being used in the classroom. The following key questions can help in assessing.

Do you know all of the applications that are being used in your district?

While the school might be under the impression that they are using ‘x’ number of edtech tools in the classroom but in reality the teachers download their favorite tools, create their own playlist  and share with the students. With the fear that they will be asked to stop using them, they do not disclose it to the school admins. As a result there is no consistency in how the students are taught and also leads to network issues. Also it becomes difficult to provide training to the teachers on the edtech tools in classroom when no two are using the same. It is imperative that schools and districts have a system that collects data on all the programs being used.

Do you know how these applications are being used?

Keeping a track of the usage data can help the school know if the teacher is using any other program than the designated one and if that is so then the teacher may require further training.

Do you know if any of these applications violate student data privacy?

Be careful when you download any add on even to the approved edtech tool as you may unintendedly give access to private student information.