A well planned curriculum is the key to empower the young minds in their learning process but outlining one can be most time consuming as well as cumbersome. Modern classrooms are seeing a shift in teaching methodology and the curriculum designed these days is infused with technology.

What are Early Childhood, K-12, and Higher Education Institution’s Most Pressing Needs?

The curriculum designed should be in tune with the common core standards at the same time should be alluring for the students. The teachers too welcome the flexibility this curriculum offers in the style of teaching. Teachers may have with them the previous years’ lesson plans but integrating it with collaborative lesson planning would require lot of time and focus. What is required is a feature to make this process seamless.

How can EdTech Companies Meet these Needs?
Edtech organisations should, for starters, gauge the Common Core Standards. Should work in tandem with senior teachers to come up solution in implementing them in the classroom. They can come up with variety of lesson plans which could include engaging videos, written documents, short assessments and other activities to choose from by the teachers to make their lessons interesting.

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