Nothing is more stressful for a teacher than managing inappropriate behavior in a classroom as it not only distracts other students from learning but also eats up the precious instruction time.

Can Edtech Manage Behavior?

Teachers who have used apps that monitor the noise level in the class and provide audio or visual cue to the children about same vouch for its effectiveness. Its a small thing but one thing off their plate as they now do not have to mentally keep a track of the volume level in the classroom.

Also, when the edtech engages the students, for example in interactive questions, they are less likely to chat with a neighbour. Thus conserving the teacher’s energy and helping them stay focused.

What About the Big Picture?

Programs like Class Dojo and Hero combine tracking, feedback and data analytic for a better management of classroom environment. Some serious thought has to be given to some questions before implementing like what would happen to the data about a student behaviour which may just exist for the rest of his life, it may not be secure or private and worst, the data may not reflect them at their best. Decision to handle a behavioral issue given the data could vary from teacher to teacher.