In today’s scenario if you are stuck with your ‘smart’ gadgets or your laptop who do you run to have it fixed…..your children!! They are more tech savvy or digitally literate than us!!

Education technology has infiltrated the schools but to develop a digitally literate society it is important for our ‘super-moms’ to become ‘Digi-Moms’. Digital literacy among women in India is a matter of concern. There is a digital gender gap here as well and to address it Government of India has introduced initiatives like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, e – Sakhi, and Mahila E-Haat among others. Globally too in 2017 twelve percent of men used internet more than women. Public-private partnerships are also working towards empowering mothers digitally.

The biggest instrument in empowering oneself is education and edtech needs to reach out to the mothers of every household because it is they who are the custodians of tomorrow’s India. When you are digitally literate the computer becomes a companion in everyday life whether it is personally or professionally.

Being a digi-mom is not a prerogative of cities only. We should be encouraging rural community too in training oneself in the use of a PC and internet and becoming tech savvy.