Some schools and organisations are trying their best to channelize the creative energy in technology of the students for good. With its advancement comes cyber threats. Middle and high school students in U.S. are taking courses like white hat hacking techniques in ethical hacking to become cyber security experts. This is specially useful in rooting out the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the various systems so that their owners can adopt stricter security measures.

Cyber Security Classes are On the Rise in Schools
The district schools are training the future cyber security experts. The course teaches the students the ins and outs of cyber security practices. In Florida the School District of Palm Beach County offers a full four-year cybersecurity program with certification to enter the workforce upon graduation. These types of classes are growing extensively. Since January 2016 K-12 schools have been targeted in more than 350 cyber incidents in U.S.

Cyber Security has a Skills Gap that Needs to Be Filled
The demand the cyber security skilled workman is predicted to be huge by 2021 and more and more universities are supporting cyber security educational programmes. The students too earn industry certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and CompTIA.

Cyber Security Classes Go Hand-in-hand with Student Privacy
While the students are learning about cyber security, schools take proper measures to ensure student privacy and data security.