What does a teacher want? An ideal student who has hunger for knowledge…is focused, attentive and committed…and most importantly-obedient!! But what is in store for them in reality day in and day out is dealing with bunked classes, disobedient and rude students and loads of other behavioral issues!! In such a scenario, it is important for them to react in a way that would guide them back to proper classroom behavior without being aggressive or alienating them.

A lot has been talked about technology in the classroom for the benefit of the students. On the contrary, innovations in educational technology can equip teachers too with tools that help students be on the right path and take maximum benefit out of their academics.

Lock Student Screens During Tests to Prevent Cheating
Don’t they say prevention a better than cure!! It is absolutely not feasible for the teachers to keep a watch simultaneously on every screen of the tablet or of the notebook computer the student is using to prevent them from quickly opening a web browser to look up for answers during a quiz or otherwise. Acer Chromebook 10 has a solution. A new “locked mode” has been introduced wherein the teachers can lock students’ screens on managed chromebooks

‘Tardy Kiosks’ in Schools Help Track Student Attendance
Maintaining student attendance with an outdated attendance logging system is a task for the teachers but actually it is tardiness and class-cutting which hinders the most with their teaching time.

‘Tardy Kiosks’ let the late comers use their student ID numbers to check themselves into class. They can log in to any of the kiosks in the attendance office, take the automatically printed tardy pass which would have teacher’s name and the time he logged in and see himself in the class. Thus more time is spent on focusing on the student than dealing the inefficient attendance procedures.

Combat Classroom Distractions with Tech
Locking student tablet screens can manage bad student behavior to some extent. What would you do if an outside device is sneaked into the classroom. Some schools had banned smartphones in the classroom while some have come up with the solution of locking the phones once the student enters a classroom. On the other hand, some have decided to join them by letting them use the device in their work. Thus by allowing them to use certain devices keeps the students engaged on the devices the teacher wants them to use and refrains them from using the ones that they do not want keeps them away from other distracting activities.

Source: https://edtechmagazine.com/k12/article/2018/08/technology-helps-teachers-prevent-and-mitigate-bad-behavior-classroom