This time of the year always brings a mixed bag of emotions for the students appearing for their class X or XII board exams. Schools are wrapping up syllabus and getting ready for pre-boards. Students are revising and re-revising the portions. Competition is high with top percentages in CBSE touching 99% and admissions to desired higher institutes tough. Sharing herewith some tips by toppers and teachers to score above 90%.

NCERT is Crucial: Focus on NCERT books. Over the years, it has been seen, that the questions in the exams are derived from these books only and the pattern will surely continue to be so. You can touch upon some reference books too but make sure that you are thorough with all the topics in the NCERT book.

Solve CBSE Sample Papers:

It would be a good idea to study the CBSE sample papers released by CBSE on their official website as it would also help you understand the marking schemes.

Time Management:

Practice sample papers to understand your speed and improving time management as this is crucial. You must be able to finish answering all the questions in 3 hrs with at least 10 mins to spare for revision.

Use Points for Answers:

Answering the questions in points has dual advantage. It is easier for teachers to mark lest they miss out anything leaving out that crucial extra mark and students also are sure of not leaving out on anything. Moreover, its easier this way while revising your answers.

Revision is KEY:

Your success in exams will depend upon revision. So revise and re-revise and re-revise. Toppers generally revise the entire syllabus about 3 times. There is still time….do not leave revision for the last minute.