Taking the class XII Board exams signifies the onset on the next milestone of life and preparing for one can be quite stressful. Avoid the following common mistakes and the boards shall no longer seem like a ogre.

Not Planning Preparation Process Properly and Time Mismanagement

Plan…schedule. This is the most common mistake students make. Plan the preparation process well and adhere to it. Set long term and short term targets and goals for different subjects. Do not defer study sessions.

Skipping Some Topics, not Preparing for all Subjects Properly

No subject is ‘unimportant’….it carries marks and affects the final performance. More time should be allotted to the subjects you find tough but do not ignore the others. Give equal importance to them too.

Not Giving Importance to School Tests and Pre-Boards

The regular school tests and pre-boards are no waste of time. They will help you revise and re-revise the syllabus at the same time make you familiar with the exam pattern and time management.

Avoid Buying a Lot of Books; it Leads to Confusion

It would be a good idea to abstain from buying too many books by different authors for reference. This will not only be a waste of time but also lead to confusion. Focus only on NCERT books or maybe just one or two good reference books.

Not Doing Enough Practice and Lack of Proper Revision

Students generally do not do much written practice while preparing. Make notes which will be useful in revision. Practice solving the sample papers and the previous years papers by setting a timer to analyse your preparation. Do not ignore practicing diagrams for required subjects.

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