The murder of Pradyuman Thakur in 2017 in Gurugram school left the whole country shocked and brought the matter of school safety into focus. Every now and then we read about bullying, rapes, child abuse, thefts etc. in school. It is but natural for parents to keep security as one of the most important criteria while deciding upon the best school for their ward. Safety of the child when in school as well as while in transit cannot be ignored. Keeping the children safe while in their custody is the prime responsibility of every school.

Schools are supposed to be safe havens for children to explore and learn. Surveillance cameras within the campus are a must in every educational institute so that such criminal cases can be handled adequately. Constant monitoring of the campus also helps maintain discipline and creates a safe and secure environment in school. What about their security while in transit? Statistics show that more than 50% of school going children uses the school bus. Safety of the children in a school bus is what I would like to talk about. Comfortable and secure transport facility is as important as ensuring good quality education.

Logistically speaking, the most dangerous challenge any institute faces is the transport facility provided to the children. Every student needs to be in school on time and also reach home safely….everyday! Once again technology comes to our aid in the form of school bus transportation management system.

Imagine the panic of a parent if their child is erroneously designated a wrong bus route. Route allocation is a herculean task which is time consuming and requires utmost precision. The school bus routing software can effectively plan and allots appropriate routes or create new ones if required thereby saving time and fuel.

The integrated GPS school bus tracking system of the school transport software will track the movement of the school bus in real-time and notify the authorities in case of any deviation from the allotted route, over speeding and unauthorized stops thereby reducing the risk of any untoward incident. In case of delays due to unusually heavy traffic or otherwise en route, the parents can be kept updated through an SMS.

Surveillance cameras inside the school bus become the virtual eye of the school management to keep a check on their most energetic and mischievous students.The school transportation management system also accurately manages your fleet by keeping a detailed record about their fleet like repairs, servicing due dates, insurance policy expiry and license renewals, vehicle student mapping, route fare mapping, maintenance, bus performance and its expenses, drivers/conductor details etc.

The worst nightmare of any parent and the school is any child going missing. RFID tags are a smart solution to this fear. Manually taking attendance of all children in the bus is cumbersome and time consuming. With a sensor in the front of the bus, the school transportation management software will automatically make a note of each and every student boarding and deboarding the bus. The driver will automatically be notified of any goof up. Also, there is no scope of any proxy attendance here.

To sum up, when the transport management system is in place all relevant information regarding the vehicle, driver and route information for the convenience of the parents can be uploaded on the school website. The parents too are aware of the pickup and drop location and time. The school transportation software will instantly send an SMS to the parents if there is any deviation from the usual bus schedule. Integrated GPS system, surveillance cameras and RFID tags make the school transportation still the safest mode of commuting to school for your child.