Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is neurobehavioral disorder that makes it difficult for children to sit still, concentrate and finish their work properly in time and this could be quite disheartening for those who wish to succeed in class as they face unique struggles in the classroom setting. Teachers too become impatient by the amount of extra class time they have to spend with such students. Assistive technology could provide answers to them for achieving academic success.

Reminder Devices

Set a fixed time alarm on a vibrating wristwatch and it would quietly keep reminding students to pay attention at regular intervals giving them control over their attention span and the educators too can step back and concentrate on their classwork.

Text-to-Speech Software

Children with ADD sometimes find reading a task and they would rather hear the text read aloud. With apps like Voice Dream students can listen to the text from any source including Word document, internet page and PDF. Whatsmore, they can pause, rewind and also adjust the reading speed per their need. Some softwares can also keep highlighting the text as it reads to enable students pair the sight of words with the sound.

Speech-to-Text Software

Writing is also not any less challenging for them. Often bad handwriting and poor spellings makes their finished paper hard to read and also they take too long to write by hand. The speech to text software documents their speech for them on computer.

Math Apps

Apps like Motion Math have better success with children of ADD than looking at flashcards to learn their basic maths. The app will keep providing different levels of challenges as they grow. Just make sure you do a proper research of the math app lest you spend your time and money on a program that turns out to be nothing but a mindless game.