The 5th generation or 5G of wireless network will improve upon the current 4G LTE network by increasing device capacity, faster network speed and lower latency. By 2020 5G will be used extensively. Let us see how this network will be beneficial in the education industry.

5G Greatly Expands IoT Network Capacity:

5G will have higher frequency bands, will be easier to block and not travel far so the initially 5G will be deployed on fixed wireless network meaning installing smaller cells of higher density. The potential of IoT integration will witness a noticeable difference by hundredfold increase in device capacity from current network and tenfold increase of network density. IoT devices through 5G will be greatly beneficial to the teachers by considerably downsizing their administrative burden.

Lower Latency and Higher Speed Will Expand VR/AR:

5G will reduce latency to under 10 milliseconds which will mean faster downloads for mixed-reality content and videos in the classroom making ideal for the AR/VR use.

Companies Invest in 5G Hubs to Research EdTech:

Communications giants are already investing in research regarding various sectors 5G can be be best used including education and big data.